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ya know what I have two new favorite movies, which isnt actually that strange considering almost every movie I see becomes my "favorite.. but anyways they were Requiem Of A Dream and Mean Girls. They both taught me alot surprisingly.
Requiem of a Dream was rather depressing and showed me what drugs can do to people and when people say "thats all bullshit,they're only showing the negative part of drugs" watch it and theyll show you but after a while the positive wears off and you'd do anything to get the positive back so you take more drugs and then your addicted and your fucked. It was a really good movie in which made me cry for a good 3 hours.
Mean girls was really good as well. Wait I know what your thinking "another stupid teen film" but it wasnt stupid it made me think...
"woah this all bullshit, highschool is bullshit, beauty is bullshit and you dont need any of it. so why do shit to impress people when in 5 years or so they most likely will have no impact on your life. If your fat and you didnt mind before assholes told you that you have to be thin then fuck em be fat embrace fatness and eat as much as you fucking want. and if you want to lose weight dont do it because of what others say. do it beacause you want to be healthy and happy. I know this is very
school counselor-esque but people think about it for more then 5 seconds and youll see that trends and the media and everything is fucked up in this world and if everyone tries to stop it and embrace individuality then eventually maybe everyone can be happy.
yes I know Im a hypocrite because I let people hurt me but I dont have to and Im not gunna fucking do it anymore."

on a more personal note.. my mommy is gunna call a nutritonist and help me end my cycle of eating disorders beacuse its wicked fucking sickening. that must have sounded like a contridiction because of what I said up there but oh well. I know why I want to change and that shouldnt make a difference to you.
as for today goes I have theatre at 1:00 til i think 5,6,or 7:00 I'm getting fitted today and that makes me really nervous because I despise trying on shit. but oh well.
<3 sammi

dont you hate it when you get a pimple in your ear owwwwww
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