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*yawn* this might be a long one

its sunday morning and im bored. I wish my mom didnt wake me up so early. because all im doing is watching what little entertainment is on tv. tonight is the last night of the christmas carol and everyone who reads this should go tonight and if you read this on monday or something and you didnt go...
My friend tyler from somplace near brockton came to see me and erica (mostly erica) last night. he still looks wicked hott but hes 13 and has a girlfriend and probably doesnt find me very attractive, who does? Oh I have a crush on this guy in dtc ive told select people but not everyone because im afraid that...
1 hell find out from someone and hate me
or 2 everyone will be mad at me because hes an "asshole"
but who isnt an asshole.
Hes funny, cute, shy (according to my/his friend) and single. plus erica said we'd make a cute couple and we have alot in common. I never noticed so i'll have to pay more attention tonight.
my mom and bro went to nyc yesterday and bought me fuckloads of hello kitty stuff because i didnt get to go and nyc is my 2nd fave place ever (the 1st being p-town) so basically it was a pity gift but oh well. i like things. i "accidently" found out what three of my x-mas presents are... a pro ddr pad (like the ones in arcades), the nirvana box set <3<3<3 and my lil bro got me this hot chettah print wallet thing. im hoping ill get ma noce pierced too ive wanted it since i was 6.
on another note. my mom set up an appointment with a family counselor, ill be seeing a nutritionist soon, ive been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and im on depokote (spell?) along with my regular wellbutrin. im praying things will go well. i g2g ill wml
<3 sammi
thank you very much thank you very much thats the nicest thing that anyones ever done for me it may sound double dutch but my delight is such i feel as if a losing war's been won for me and if i had a flag id hang me flag out to celbrate a final vic'try touch but since i left me flag at home id simply have to say thank you very very much.
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