Sammi<3 (image_crisis) wrote,

ya know what if this entry offends you. i dont care its your decision to read this so fuck off

i fuck everything up
i swear i do
i call people assholes
but im the asshole
im the bitch
im the backstabbing ugly two faced cunt slut
im everything i dont want to be.
why cant i just begin again
not spiritually but actually start over
i want to rewind and start off as a baby again with all the knowledge i have of what would come
that way i couldnt fuck anything up
if i could i would have ate less
i would have ran around like a little kid should do
i would have been happy and not wanted to grow up
but its gone now
3 years to "grow" then ill be "free"
free to do what fuck up even more only without people to help me?
i know what i want but i can never get it because no one in this shitty town wants to start a serious band.
im lonely
i like writing like this im sorry if this pisses you off
and im even more sorry because i dont care
maybe thats why i have no friends.
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