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hey all. how was your christmas? mines was ok i got a bunch of cool stuff including my metal ddr pad which means i can finally i met my nutritionist and now im eating better then i had before so things are going good. i see my pyschiatrist again in a week so hell fine tune my medications and see what i need to take and stuff. what else is new? hmmmm. i dyed my hair again (shocker eh) its pink now with a little left over blonde and brown roots because i didnt want to bleach it and trash my hair if it wasnt necessary. im gunna make my hair look all pretty tomorow with my new clothes and earings (big ol' hoops with hearts in them) and i get to wear eyeliner again because i got a eyeliner pencil sharpener in my stocking so now i have eyeliner galore. hey do you remember that movie with that robot johnny 5 character. what a rad movie.

ILikeToSexMyHand [6:38 PM]: Have you ever seen the movie with Johnny 5 the robot?
YourSweetNoth1ng [6:38 PM]: YES!
ILikeToSexMyHand [6:38 PM]: That movie rules!
YourSweetNoth1ng [6:38 PM]: ITS AN OLD MOVIE RIGHT
ILikeToSexMyHand [6:39 PM]: YES!
YourSweetNoth1ng [6:41 PM]: johnny 5 turns me on
ILikeToSexMyHand [6:41 PM]: Lol.
YourSweetNoth1ng [6:44 PM]: you so know he turns you on too
ILikeToSexMyHand [6:44 PM]: He does.
ILikeToSexMyHand [6:44 PM]: There's something about his headlight-like eyes...
ILikeToSexMyHand [6:44 PM]: That drive me wild and bring out the non-sexual slut in me...
ILikeToSexMyHand [6:45 PM]: Lol, that made NO sense.
ILikeToSexMyHand [6:45 PM]: But I like to call people that.
YourSweetNoth1ng [6:45 PM]: lol ok?
i met this guy on friday named john hes from wareham which is far but not long distance. we've been talking alot the past two days. he says im beautiful which is sweet because no one has told me that since rob did on our 1 month aniversary, but im scared and a little sceptical because im scared he'll pull a dave and wicked fuck me over but ill be more careful. i dont know what else to say so yeah <3 sam
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